• arrow_drop_downData centers in France
    and Switzerland

    Equinix is the global leader in digital infrastructure. The hosting provider interconnects leading companies in the financial and industrial sectors, mobility, transportation, government, healthcare and education in a cloud-driven world. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downApplications and Storage Systems for IT Modernization

    Dell is among the world's leading technology companies helping to transform people's lives with exceptional solutions. From hybrid cloud to high-performance computing to ambitious social impact and sustainability initiatives. Dell Technologies is playing a key role in transforming the digital landscape around the world. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downHigh performance server equipment for data centers

    Lenovo is one of the largest players in the personal technology industry, offering innovative PCs and connected mobile devices. Lenovo is currently one of the world's leading manufacturers . ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downTechnologies for security,
    network and data center

    Cisco Systems is an American computer company originally specialized in network hardware (routers and ethernet switches). Cisco is the global leader in digital transformation, IT and networks. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downCloud infrastructure solutions

    International Business Machines Corporation, known by the acronym IBM, is an American multinational company active in the domains of computer hardware, software and computer services. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downUltimate solutions of
    Enterprise Supervision

    ZABBIX is an open source software that monitors the status of various network services, servers and other network hardware and produces dynamic graphs of resource usage. It is a software created by Alexei Vladishev ----> See the partner's website


  • arrow_drop_downCloud infrastructures and applications

    Oracle is an American company founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison. Its flagship products are the Oracle Database management system, the Oracle Weblogic Server application server, the Oracle E-Business Suite enterprise resource planning system and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud computing offering. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downCloud applications and network security

    VMware is an American IT company founded in 1998, subsidiary of EMC Corporation since 2004, which offers several proprietary products related to the virtualization of x86 architectures. It is also by extension the name of a range of virtualization software. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downSolutions designed for business performance

    Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational computer and microcomputer company, founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft is among the top market capitalizations on the NASDAQ, along with Apple and Amazon. In 2018, revenue was $110.36 billion. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downCollaboration and virtualization applications for mobility

    Citrix Systems is a U.S.-based multinational company that provides collaboration, virtualization and networking products to facilitate mobile work and cloud adoption. Citrix has more than 260,000 enterprise customers. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downEvolving threats protection solutions

    Trend Micro, is a company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company develops security software for servers, cloud computing environments, individuals and for small and medium-sized businesses. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downData backup and recovery

    Veeam® is the leading backup solution offering Cloud Data Management™. Veeam offers a single platform to modernize backup, accelerate hybrid cloud and secure data. Their solutions are simple to install and run, always reliable, and flexible enough to fit any environment. ----> See the partner's website


  • arrow_drop_downInternet solutions covering the largest fiber optic network

    Orange is a French telecommunications company. It had nearly 266 million customers worldwide at the end of 2019, numbers that were up from those posted in 2018. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downHigh speed internet access
    on the local government network

    Covage is a French company active in the telecommunications sector, controlling several infrastructure operators specialized in the design, deployment and operation of very high speed open access networks, in partnership with local authorities. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downConnectivity services implemented in rural areas

    Axione is a telecommunications operator founded in 2003 and by the end of 2019 will be providing broadband services to 6,500 French municipalities and 2,500 business parks. Its capital is held by the Bouygues group and the investment fund Mirova. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downLarge network and high speed internet solutions

    The Société française du radiotéléphone, SFR, is a French telecommunications operator, a branch of Altice France's telecom activities. This company was created by Compagnie Générale des Eaux in 1987. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downDark Fiber Solutions for Business

    Created in 1997 under the name Telcité, RATP Connect is the telecom subsidiary of RATP. RATP Connect has a fibre optic network that runs along the RATP's railway infrastructure, making it one of the largest fibre networks in the Île-de-France region. RATP Connect offers to lease its fibres to telecommunications operators or companies. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downCyber security for the protection of computer networks

    As a key player in cybersecurity, Stormshield offers companies around the world a trusted European alternative for the protection of critical infrastructure, sensitive data and operational environments. And in an increasingly complex geopolitical context, which combines states and major digital players, Stormshield is committed to an ambitious strategic project: to become the European choice for cybersecurity. Translated with (free version) ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downIntrusion prevention and terminal security systems

    Fortinet is an American multinational company with headquarters in Sunnyvale. It designs and markets, among other things, cybersecurity software, equipment and services such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion prevention and endpoint security systems. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downWireless and wired communication products for businesses

    Ubiquiti Inc. is an American technology company founded in San Jose, California in 2003. Now based in New York City, Ubiquiti manufactures and sells wireless and wired data communications products for businesses and homes under several brands. ----> See the partner's website


  • arrow_drop_downTechnologies for IP business telephony

    XiVO is the Open Source solution for IP telephony and unified communications, dedicated to professionals. These solutions offer significant cost savings for both small and large companies. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downSound phone identity solutions

    ATS Studios has established itself as the leader in the telephone identity market and has developed the leading network of partners in France. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downInnovative video conferencing and communication solutions

    Jabra is an audio products company based in Denmark. Founded in the United States, it was acquired by GN Audio, becoming a subsidiary of the Danish company GN Store Nord, in 2000. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downIP telephony and videoconferencing equipment

    Yealink is a global brand that specializes in video conferencing, voice communications and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, innovative technology and user-friendly experience. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downSoftware and hardware for the corporate workstation

    Hewlett-Packard Company, officially abbreviated as HP, is an American multinational company initially of electronics and instrumentation which evolves over time towards computers, printers, servers and networks, software and multimedia. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downProfessional equipment
    for VDI

    The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized, single-board ARM-based nanocomputer designed by professors at the University of Cambridge's Computer Science Department as part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Raspberry Pi was created to democratize access to computers and digital making. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downProfessional computer equipment for the workstation

    Dell Technologies, Inc is an American company third largest computer manufacturer in the world in 2012 behind Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. Its headquarters are based in Round Rock, Texas. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_downCloud services and collaborative work solutions

    Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational computer and microcomputer company, founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft is among the top market capitalizations on the NASDAQ, along with Apple and Amazon. In 2018, the revenue was $110.36 billion. ----> See the partner's website

Strategic partners

In order to offer a complete solution for the digital transformation of companies, we have partnered with software editors, mainly specialized in automotive distribution. We then allow car dealerships to benefit from a hosting solution for their business application.

  • arrow_drop_down Management solutions for accounting, commercial management and pay.

    Sage Group is a multinational software company with headquarters in Newcastle. In 2010, Sage is the third largest European ERP software company, behind Germany's SAP and France's Dassault Systèmes and ahead of Germany's Software AG and DATEV. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_down Transport Management System (TMS) solutions.

    As the French leader in Transport Management System (TMS) solutions, DDS Logistics offers its customers complete digitization of their transport flows. DDS Logistics solutions also provide visibility and cost control throughout the upstream/downstream transport, import/export
    import/export supply chain and supplier logistics.

    ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_down Business management software specifically developed for the distribution of vehicles and equipment.

    Everlog is a publisher and integrator of business management software specifically developed for the distribution of vehicles and equipment. Founded in 1995, Everlog has developed innovative, cutting-edge applications that are always in line with its customers' expectations. and always close to the expectations of its customers on its markets. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_down Management software for automotive distribution (Dealer Management System)

    Reynolds and Reynolds, with 5,000 employees and more than 20,000 customers worldwide, is the global leader in automotive retail software and services. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_down Management solutions dedicated to the tire, car center and Spare parts

    After joining the Infopro Digital group in June 2012, Cogeti and Logiwin merged in 2013 to give birth to the company Inovaxo resulting from a desire to pool complementary knowledge and expertise. Its position as leader on the national market is justified by the quality of their services and products, but also thanks to the complete offer proposed to customers (installation, training, maintenance). ---->See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_down Digital risk and asset management solution

    Founded in 1981, Sidexa is a member of the Solera Group and our mission is to be the leading digital platform for risk and asset management. Since 2005, their ambition has been to drive the digital evolution in the insurance industry. Today, their offer brings together players in the repair, collision and maintenance markets via a single platform. ----> See the partner's website

  • arrow_drop_down Warehouse management software

    Created in 1985, LOGYS has a real technical expertise recognized in Windows environment as well as a personalized follow-up. ----> See the partner's website

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