Whether it's for the performance or security of your IT infrastructure, our experts will support you in all your digital activities, so that you can focus on your own business.







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Our 360° support services

User and Site Support

We offer fully customized on-site or remote user support. Nous lui dédions des opérateurs experts et spécialisés. They have a privileged relationship with the customers for whom they are responsible.
This support is based on frequent and reciprocal exchanges. They allow us to provide precise and relevant answers to your problems in all circumstances.

Site support allows us to intervene as quickly as possible in the event of an internal IT problem. It guarantees the maintenance in operational condition of all your digitalized business processes. After solving the problems encountered, we provide you with a detailed and precise report of the solutions provided. It allows the development of optimized emergency procedures. It is also used to create dashboards to evaluate the performance of your infrastructure.

Supervision & Recovery Plan

In the event of a disaster, the Recovey Plan ensures that you can restart your business processes as quickly as possible.

Monitoring your infrastructure

Increased real-time monitoring of your internal or cloud-based infrastructures ensures that their performance is maintained.

We take remote control of your resources in order to guarantee their operation. We ensure their access under the best conditions. We have automation tools that allow you to optimize your operational activities as you go along.

Alert management is an essential component of your infrastructure availability. We take charge of it as soon as an abnormal activity is detected. We remedy it by applying the responses that we will have defined together.

The answer may also be the result of a simple hardware dysfunction. In some cases, proactive alert management, based on predictive analysis, allows us to anticipate them.

Recovery Plan

A detailed and accurate Recovey Plan is vital for digitalized businesses. The Recovery Plan ensures that you can restart your business processes as quickly as possible. It is even possible to plan live takeovers without interrupting service. We establish the Recovery Plan in collaboration with your employees and your IT department. We set the priority technical objectives as well as the deadlines that must be respected.

Unlimited phone assistance

Quick and personal assistance in case of problems is very important to us and to you. Our help desk is available
5 days a week from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. in order to respond as quickly as possible and guarantee the best reactivity. If you have specific problems, you can count on our specialists. They provide you with personalized online help. To guarantee you the best level of service, we will propose an SLA (Service Level Agreement) adapted to your needs.

Infrastructure maintenance

A live maintenance service is necessary to keep your digital infrastructures operational. We ensure this by using high-performance tools and by dedicating specialized teams. We favor a proactive approach in order to maintain a maximum availability rate. This is largely based on geo-redundancy and the anticipation of material needs and load increases.

You no longer have to worry about supporting updates. QWhether it is for the firmware of your peripherals, for their drivers or for your software, let our experts act. Ils entretiennent une base de données étendue qui leur permet de détenir et de pouvoir installer toute mise à jour qui vous est utile. Your systems remain secure at all times. They are moreover more compatible with increasingly complex operating systems and remain efficient whatever their use cases.

Audits and consulting

The advice provided by our experts is aimed at strengthening the critical security nodes for your business.

Audits and Consulting - Security and Performance

With our personalized support, don't worry about your IT system. Our expertise in process auditing will allow you to optimize the performance of your IT assets and to prevent incidents.

To do this, we analyze your existing processes with you and develop calibrated IT strategies. You benefit from reliable recommendations for action and direct implementation by the Imaweb Systems Management Group.

At the heart of our concerns, the external audit of critical areas of your IT is a form of quality assurance to ensure the operational security of your IT as well as improved data protection and cost control.

The new challenges of digital technology must motivate companies to better respect good security practices. The advice provided by our experts is aimed at strengthening the security nodes that are crucial to your business. This may involve better securing access points or providing enhanced security solutions.

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